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    校训:求真 树人 厚德

Xiwai International School Mission Statement  

      Established at a time when China is taking up the challenge to become a leading force on the global stage, Xiwai International School focuses on preparing students not only for higher levels of education, but, more importantly, for an increasingly boundary–less world. The School thus aims to cultivate within each of its students a balance of Chinese wisdom and a global perspective. The School strives to achieve this purpose through the delivery of quality programs which foster excellence in all areas of a student’s development, within a stimulating and nurturing residential environment. Students are encouraged to think independently, creatively and critically, and are motivated to achieve their potential intellectually, artistically, and athletically. We take character building as our School’s ultimate value; it permeates all aspects of Xiwai’s endeavours, and finds its finest expression in the high level of intellectual and social commitment of each member of our community.

      Xiwai International School aims to be a multi-cultural community marked by a sense of integrity, and respect for self, for others, and for the natural environment. It seeks to encourage every one of its members to reach their individual full potential in all aspects, and to see and go beyond themselves, regardless of their background. The Xiwai experience hence nurtures in its members a life-long commitment to develop what is finest in themselves and others, and create the best for others and themselves. 


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